Company Profile

The company was started in 2003 with a vision that analyzing data should not be such a difficult and expensive task. We have developed a series of business intelligence tools to help companies better understand the under pinning factors that is driving performance in their organization. We believe every company should have this information readily available to stay competitive through effective and timely decision making.

In 2014 we released our new in memory database product called InMemory.Net that allows you to accelerate IR by a factor of 10 or more.

"Spreadsheets changed the way people did data analysis by doing what would take ages in seconds. Interactive Reporting is changing the way people look at information by allowing them to phrase questions concisely, get an answer in seconds, and drill-down to easily analyze the details."
- John Sullivan, CEO

Today people are overwhelmed with information. They lack easy to use tools that can help them navigate through the overload of information.

“The key concept of Interactive Reporting is to provide a single web based screen that can ask any question of the underlying data and then allow drill-down to any underlying summary and raw data.”
- John Sullivan, CEO

We are fully staffed in all of our locations with a focus on Customer Service and Technical Support. We have a unique blend of technical expertise that range from data warehousing experts to network engineers. We have a strong understanding of business operations and business metrics. With this mix of talent, we believe we can help any organization rollout a complete Business Intelligence solution.