Why Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. With the majority of the commercial transaction data in separate (and often multiple) business systems or data warehouses, users often find it difficult to get information in a timely and efficient manner, in order to make good business decisions.

The goal of Interactive Reporting is to unlock the inherent value of business data and provide the tools for effective business decision making giving a real return on your Business Intelligence investment.

Contemporary Business Intelligence tools often place a heavy burden on users. They have to learn how to use the software, how to get to the data, and then how to analyse the data, and interpret the outcome of each analysis.

Interactive Reporting is designed with a keen understanding of the skills, time, and patience of the users in mind. With internet access and from one intuitive screen, users are able to:

  • Generate reports using predefined templates
  • Meet all standard and ad-hoc reporting requirements
  • Deliver reports and information securely and simply, automatically or once-off
  • Quickly transform almost any data into powerful, dynamic content
  • Access any data source
  • Report using combined data sources
  • Single click drilldown into any data
  • Generate multi-dimensional views
  • Render graphs and charts from any data
  • Perform comparative time based analysis