Sales & Marketing

Sales Managers need to know about sales, and sales reps and distributors need to know about “their” sales. With Interactive Reporting, all of the sales reports are available via one system (acting over multiple datasets) with secure views provided to the different constituents, online, anywhere, anytime.

The concept of Interactive Reporting is to provide multiple views of data, according to the reporting angle required, and then allow comprehensive drill down and dimensional review, without damaging data and allowing instant report save and dissemination.

Interactive Reporting gives you actionable sales information such as:

  • Who is selling what to whom, when, how many and how often and for how much, and how does this look at the margin, by campaign, product, customer and region
  • Pipeline, value, sales, performance, win rate, trends and past period comparison
  • Unit price, discount, cost, profit
  • Style, colour and size vantages for complex apparel to know what you’ve got and where it is and where it’s selling/sitting

Usually, sales reporting is time consuming and often the responsibility of report generation is vested in the IT department. At Interactive Reporting, we understand the need for speed and that often the only report that is important to a sales manager, is the one that he or she hasn’t got.

To respond quickly to these needs, Interactive Reporting uses standardized templates and mappings so you don’t need to design sales reports or spreadsheets from scratch. Once these are in place, using Interactive Reporting, the Sales Manager can generate unlimited reports to analyse by sales rep, category, item, customer, brand, channel, country, location, invoice no, day, month, quarter, year and other custom fields.

Reports include easy to use drill down capability and pivot to let you review what you want to analyse. Interactive graphs and charts create visuals and comparison reports of one time period against another are simple. Analyse your sales information from historical data all the way through to today.

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips to answer these and your own business' questions, contact us.