Supply Chain & Procurement

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain can often be the most expedient step to profit. Faster fulfilment = reduced costs = increased profits.

The only constant in the supply chain is change. Consumer preferences, market demand, supplier viability, and material and transportation costs have become volatile and unpredictable.

As a supply manager, you need to analyse spend:

  • Who is buying what from whom, when, how many and how often and for how much
  • Leakage and price to contract comparison
  • Aggregate to write better contracts, category management and item level review
  • Compare Invoice AP data to PO data and invoice item data to PO contract information
  • Requisition to PO to receipt to invoice payment
  • Supplier performance, product, unit, price, region
  • Demand, trends and past period comparison
  • Warehouse performance, stock turns, obsolescence
  • Logistics and transportation, performance, rates

This information will be from multiple datasets and Interactive Reporting can manage the connection to these, leaving you to do the analysis.

Get the right information quickly to operations and suppliers. Share daily information securely in a collaborative process with key partners and suppliers.

Interactive Reporting’s flexible and powerful Business Intelligence solution requires no capital expenditure and automates the integration of all the key information necessary from sales, inventory, financial, transportation, and order management solutions. With average implementation of 30 days, Interactive Reporting will quickly have your supply chain staff fully equipped to identify efficiencies and streamline processes.

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips to answer these and your own business' questions, contact us.