Healthcare organisations strive to improve patient care under constant pressures and rising costs. Information privacy is sacrosanct and release of useable data in report form is complex, with substantial information delivery obstacles.

Combine this with the reality that the Healthcare Business Unit Manager’s reporting requirements play second fiddle to the limited IT resources and legacy systems reporting capability. You can’t get the big picture needed to optimize operations and control costs, without harnessing the data.

Interactive Reporting provides an innovative yet simple approach to meet the needs of your health care organisation. Through Interactive Reporting, you can unite your data and your organisation, even when you have many complex and different systems. All users have the ability to build custom reports right from their browser. This eases the burden on your IT department and paves the way for sophisticated business analysis.

With Interactive Reporting Healthcare companies can:

  • Combine data from multiple sources – including patient information, provider details, insurance claims, billing and payment data, facility, staffing and supplier costs
  • Streamline and maximise efficiency in every department to provide the best possible care — and maintain profitability
  • Identify lowest cost providers for supplies and facilities management
  • Balance staffing costs by optimizing staffing across facilities
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Provide clinical data analysis to the government and pharmaceutical companies with easy-to-create reports on patient trial data

Across the spectrum, Interactive Reporting works closely with healthcare organisations to make sure they have a full understanding of their business.

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips, contact us.