Technology Sector

Whether you are high tech hardware or software, telecoms or computers, it’s all about the customers and the customers customers.

With margins flexing and exchange rates impacting, viability is a tight balancing act of managing operating costs. Because of the dire impacts of these externalities, high tech companies need a complete management view of all data.

Interactive Reporting makes it easy to pull together all of your data and empower users to make decisions that make a difference. Interactive Reporting’s cloud architecture makes it easy to add data from your customers, your operational systems and from your suppliers. Interactive Reporting supports disparate datasets with a scalable, secure, and fast architecture, giving high tech companies the means to control costs and understand customer trends.

Interactive Reporting provides:

  • Demand analysis - current and forecast
  • Cash flow monitoring for total visibility and action
  • Overview inventory and manufacturing
  • Manage sales performance by rep, region, customer, margin, product
  • Calculate product profitability at the macro and micro level, by bringing together data from your ERP, financial, and sales systems
  • Track product lifecycles
  • Disseminate information across your customers, suppliers and internally

To see a demonstration of how Interactive Reporting can put this information at your fingertips, contact us.