Professional Services

Professional Services and Practice Managers include: accountants, actuaries, appraisers, archaeologists, architects, attorneys, brokerage firms, business consultants, copywriters, engineers, law firms, physicians, public relations professionals, recruiters, researchers, real estate brokers, translators.

With the selection of independent contractors or consultant providing professional services being based on skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics, and creativity; prices for services, even within the same field, vary greatly.

Professional Services and Practice Managers need to closely monitor utilisation and charge rates along with payment statistics to maintain high visibility of across business and customer margins and potential arrears.

Interactive Reporting has developed specific Professional Services templates to address these management requirements:

  • AR Aging Realization
  • WIP Reconciliation
  • Production & Profit
  • Partner Pipeline, Collections, Projects, Expenses
  • Budget vs. Actual hours
  • HR-Time off
  • Yearly Comparisons
  • Billable Hours/Total Invoice/Production/Profit/Margin

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